Podo dictionary for Windows

(if you are looking for the Linux version, please ask the developers)


Podo is a multiplatform dictionary shell, it includes the dictionary core and GUI. Currently supported platforms are Linux and MS Windows. Our future plan is to add support for the PDA.

Podo provides a flexible dictionary format. As a result, a translation article can include not only text but also different media information (e.g. images, audio, etc.)

Dictionaries' format is based on the Unicode, which enables to support many languages. An example with Korean is provided below.

Podo is a free software developed under the GPL licence.

The current state is:

  • basic core was implemented;
  • several dictionary files may be included;
  • GUI based on QT library was added;
  • converter from Lingvo DSL format to PDO format was added.
  • Screenshots from the latest version are provided below. If you have interest for Podo please visit the Download section :).


     - Added Ctrl+c+c hot key support under Windows
     - Added Appearance setup dialog
     - Show/Hide main menubar
     - Show/Hide toolbars menu
     - Added support for uncompressed *.podo files
     - Added support for dictionary icon in pdo files
     - Added dsl -> pdo file convertor
       (pdo file format is not complete yet!)
     - Bugfixes.
     - Added configuration file, now we can remember window size and position
     - Added font configuration dialog
     - Added font toolbar
     - Added full|short view switching
     - View article speed optimization
     - Added some hotkeys
        Ctrl + GrayPlus and Ctrl + GrayMinus for change font size
     - Bugfixes.
     - first public release


    Translation from English to Russian

    Translation from Korean to Russian

    Elements non visible on the screenshots are:

  • Windows tray icon is supported
  • Hot keys (Ctrl + C + C and Ctrl + Ins + Ins) are supported - by this combination you can place selected text to the clipboard and call Podo for translation.
  • Downloads

    The latest version is
    0.4.0 (May 31, 2004)

    Download and setup instructions

    You can do step by step:
    1. Download the required libraries from the Common files section.
    2. Download application files from Pododict application section,
      we recommend to use the latest version always.
    3. Download dictionaries from the Dictionaries section.
    4. Decompress files from 1, 2 into one directory and put to that directory also the dictionary files.
    5. Execute podo.exe

    Common files

  • Required libraries
  • Pododict application

  • Application pododict v0.4.0 (May 31, 2004)
  • Dictionaries

  • En-Ru demo dictionary file
  • Goals

    This section includes our Napoleon's plans for the total Podo expansion. :) March song is starting now!

  • In near future we plan to complete the dictionary format.
  • Add bridges or converters for other famous dictionary formats.
  • Add a dictionary editor, which will simplify new dictionaries' creation.
  • Add setup for easy installation.
  • Precatory words

    We wait for your next visits. Information is updated frequently.

    If you have any ideas or comments please write to [pododict-devel at lists.sourceforge.net]. If you want you can join to this project as a developer. Additionally we are looking for the artist.

    If you have any interesting dictionary which may be added, please let as know.

    © 2004 Podo Team.